Who Is Microbotics, Inc.?

Microbotics is a small, yet responsive company primarily involved in designing the unmanned vehicle control, navigation, camera positioning, and robotics markets. While Microbotics was founded in 1999, its Engineering and Development staff have decades of experience in unmanned vehicles, instrumentation, and control systems design.

UAV experience of Microbotics personnel spans both aeronautical R&D and the design of various UAV platforms (fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and parafoil operations), as well as being involved with flight operations and flight training.

Instrumentation and controls expertise is derived from experiences in high-reliability and high-technology fields such as commercial broadcasting, oil exploration, military and space programs, and various industrial endeavors.

The team's hardware experience especially encompasses designs for severe environments, particularly emphasizing extremely small size, low power and weight, with rapid design cycles to accommodate specific customer system requests. Software and firmware engineers employ bold and aggressive techniques to improve response to client requirements. Microbotics has used its design experience to develop several custom and semi-custom autopilots, avionics, and instrumentation systems for its clients. Microbotics design efforts are not limited to the unmanned vehicle, camera positioning, and robotics markets.

The Engineering staff has a wide range of experience in many instrumentation and controls fields. These skills are available to assist clients in the design and development of specialty and custom applications.

Custom and semi-custom autopilot, avionics, and navigation systems designed by Microbotics include:

SENDER/HiPOINT/FINDER autonomous autopilots (Naval Research Labs)

Mars Plane 105,000’ Flight Test autopilot (NASA Ames Research Center)

AeroSkate Flight Test Platform (Army Research Labs)

Dual GPS Navigation System (Naval Research Labs)

General Transport Model Avionics (NASA Langley Research Center)

Autopilot Testing Platform (Lockheed-Martin)

Custom instrumentation and control systems developed by Microbotics include:

Wind tunnel instrumentation and control systems (South Korea Aeronautics Research Institute)

Hub and Blade Instrumentation Board (BEI)

PCM instrumentation and telemetry systems (NASA Langley)

Spectrometer data and control systems (Micron Optical)

Additionally, Microbotics has introduced several standard product lines:

SS Series Servo Controller/Safety Switch
APS Series Advanced Programmable Controller
ADS Series Air Data System
SPA Series Dual Air Pressure System
SLC Series Serial Voltage Level Converter