Unmanned Vehicles

Microbot Autopilot Platform for Unmanned Vehicles

APS20024, APS21024, APS20024E, APS21024E, APS20024G, APS21024G

apThe Microbot APS Series Platform is a new autopilot platform designed to simplify the operation of unmanned vehicles. With an emphasis on tight integration, high reliability, and maximum flexibility, the Microboticsautopilot platform enables rapid development and testing of autonomous Unmanned Vehicle systems and provides a production system at a competitive price.

The Microbotics Autopilot Platform provides an optional MIDG II INS/GPS, making a complete inertial solution for use in Unmanned Vehicle Autopilot applications. Other Unmanned Vehicle systems might appear to be smaller and weigh less, but the Microbotics APS includes the ability to drive up to 30 servos, has 12 analog inputs for measurement application (fuel, battery power, altitude, airspeed, etc.), supports a memory card (SD card) for real-time data recording, and has a built-in wireless transceiver – all of this in a single integrated package.

Application Overview

Unmanned Vehicles – Autopilot Platform

Unmanned Vehicle systems are now being deployed for aerial surveillance in local police action and for border control. The Microbot APS is currently being used to provide autopilot capabilities to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for various U.S. government departments and contractors in the defense industry.

Microbot APS Platform Features:
  • Small size (2.63″ W x 2.10″ H x 2.63″D)
  • 30 fully programmable digital I/O lines
  • 4 RS-232, full duplex UARTS
  • PWM inputs and outputs for servo control
  • 12 Analog inputs (12 bit)
  • 5 VDC supply for analog, Hall-effect, or other sensors
  • User programmable 32-bit RISC processor
  • Onboard non-volatile memory for external sensor calibration, waypoint storage, etc.
  • Optional internally mounted MIDG II INS/GPS sensor
  • Internal wireless modem with up to 20 mile range
  • SD memory card slot for real-time data recording
  • Temperature Range: -40 C to +85 C, operating and storage
  • 30 Day Free Support

Note: Microbotics does not provide software for the Autopilot