The Microbot AP is a new Unmanned Vehicle autopilot platform designed to simplify the operation of unmanned vehicles and is designed with emphasis on tight integration, high reliability, and maximum flexibility.

The Servo Switch/Controller provides–in a single (2.25 x 2.43 inches) board–a microprocessor-controlled system providing an interface between a customer system controller or autopilot and the servo actuators controlling the vehicle.

The MIDG II is a navigation sensor with an internal GPS receiver, all in a super-small package for a reasonable price. It provides a complete set of state information to the user including attitude, position, altitude, velocity, acceleration, angular rate and magnetic heading.

The Dual Barometer Board provides altitude and airspeed sensing for air vehicles.

Single and Dual Channel Serial Line Voltage Level Converter in extremely small form factors, designed to be wired directly into a wiring harness.

The Air Data System is a microprocessor controlled system meant to provide basic altitude and airspeed information for unmanned vehicles. It consists of an absolute barometer (for static pressure), a differential barometer (for pitot pressure), and temperature sensors (both on-board and external) to assist in the airspeed determinations. An on-board microprocessor reads the sensor values, calibrates the readings, and then calculates the target parameters (altitude, airspeed, etc.).

Control Computers — Microbotics has designed several flight control computers for custom applications required by several of our larger customers. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the pricing, availablility, and capabilities of our controllers.